Team17 is releasing a new Worms game this year

Team17 will release a new game in the Worms series this year. Further details about the new title are still unknown. The company’s most recent Worms game came out just under four years ago.

Team17 reports on Twitter that the Worms will return in 2020, ‘like you’ve never seen them before’. The company talks about ‘new worms’ and ‘new ways to play’, but won’t go into detail. From the official Worms account turns out that more details will follow shortly.

The accompanying video in the Twitter messages also contains no further information and is mainly a brief look back at previous titles in the series. For example, there are short images of the original, which came out in 1995. Furthermore, at the end a worm appears that apparently knocks away a grenade with a baseball bat, only to have to deal with an exploding Holy hand grenade.

British Team17 is a developer and publisher and in recent years has mainly focused on publishing titles such as Overcooked, My Time at Portia and Yooka-Laylee. The last Worms title to be released is Worms WMD and dates from the summer of 2016. That game was then released for PC, Xbox One and PS4, followed by a version for Nintendo Switch in November 2017.