Team Ninja Shows Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer And Announces Closed Alpha

Developer Team Ninja has released a new trailer announcing a closed alpha version of Nioh 2. The trailer shows the first gameplay footage of the sequel to the original game from 2017. The alpha will take place from May 24 to June 2.

Team Ninja announces in the trailer, among other things, that a closed alpha phase will take place from May 24 to June 2. The trailer also features a new male and female playable character, new fighting styles, and new weapons. There also seems to be a new combat mode. This ‘Unleash your darkness’ mode allows the player to transform into a demon. The trailer shows three demons with a club, two daggers, and a floating sword respectively.

In a tweet let developer Team Ninja know that some PlayStation 4 users have been invited to the closed alpha phase, but it’s not clear to whom or how the invites were sent, or if more are available. There are currently no plans to expand the alpha, but the developer does say more information will follow in the future.

Samurai RPG Nioh was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2017, after which it also came out for the Steam platform in November. The game received good reviews and reached an average score of 88 on Metacritic.