Take Two Interactive and Netflix Sign BioShock Movie Deal

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Netflix and publisher Take Two Interactive have signed a deal for a BioShock film. Netflix announced the partnership on Tuesday. The deal has been rumored to have been in the works for a year.

Netflix announces The collaboration with Take Two Interactive for a BioShock film via Twitter, but is not yet announcing few details. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Take Two will partner with Vertigo Entertainment to produce the film. It is not yet known who will direct the film or who will write the script.

It is not the first time that an attempt has been made to translate the BioShock games to the silver screen. In 2008, there were also plans to make a BioShock movie based on the first installment of the game franchise. This film was eventually shelved.

The first BioShock game came out in 2007 and is set in an underwater city called Rapture. The second part also takes place in this city. The third part came out in 2013 and took a slightly different path. Titled BioShock Infinite, this game is not set in Rapture, but in the floating city of Colombia.

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