Best Free Android and iOS Apps for Stargazing

There are numerous stargazing apps available. When you search for “stargazing” on Google Play or App Store, you’ll see dozens of similar apps. Here we compile a list of some best apps for you. stargazing app you will enjoy the most! 1. Star Walk 2 Free Available on, iOS and Android. The free version contains in-app purchases … Read more

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Offline and Online Installers Latest Versions

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents. This software is available in two versions – Free and Premium. You can install both versions with an online installer or you can download the software’s offline version. Here are links of its online and offline installer. … Read more

Spotify removes ‘car view’ function from mobile app

Spotify stops using the car view in its application. This is a simplified interface that should be easier to operate during a car trip. Spotify offers no alternative in its software for the functionality. Image via @popsy444 on Twitter Spotify already confirmed on its forum in October that the feature would be retired. That then … Read more

Spotify removes shuffle button from album pages for Premium users

Spotify has removed the default shuffle button from album pages for Premium users. As a result, the songs of albums play in the order that the artist intended, instead of in random order. Singer Adele asked Spotify about this. The streaming service calls it a new ‘Premium feature’ that the Play button is now the … Read more

Tidal lowers price HiFi subscription and introduces HiFi Plus subscription

Music streaming service Tidal is changing its subscriptions. The HiFi subscription with a bitrate of up to 1411Kbit/s now costs 10 euros per month. ‘Innovative audio formats’ up to 9216Kbit/s are reserved for the HiFi Plus subscription, which costs 20 euros per month. Previously, Tidal’s offer consisted of a Premium subscription of 10 euros per … Read more

Mozilla launches paid Firefox Relay subscription for email aliases

Mozilla introduces Firefox Relay Premium, a paid subscription that allows users to create unlimited email aliases to prevent their primary address from falling into the hands of spammers, for example. The service will initially cost 1 euro per month. Mozilla’s Firefox Relay Premium customers get a subdomain under where they can add alias email … Read more

Million players bought Forza Horizon 5 Premium with early access

Forza Horizon 5 is already played by about a million players. The game will be released on Tuesday, November 9, but gamers who purchase a Premium edition were able to get started with the game from last Friday. The more expensive versions cost 50 or 100 euros. The number of players is shown on the … Read more

Konami postpones major eFootball 2022 update and cancels paid content

Konami postpones content update v1.0.0 and the mobile version of eFootball 2022 to spring 2022. In addition, the paid Premium Player Pack will be canceled. Customers who have pre-ordered the dlc for the otherwise free game will automatically receive their money back. Version 1.0 of eFootball 2022 was scheduled for November 11 this year, but … Read more

DJI Mavic 3 drone gets two cameras and costs 2099 euros

DJI has officially introduced the Mavic 3. This drone gets two camera sensors: a primary camera and a telephoto lens. The Mavic 3 should be able to fly for 46 minutes on a battery charge and will be on sale from Friday. The Mavic 3’s primary camera will have a 4/3″ sensor that can take … Read more