Microsoft 365 apps get auto-crop tool and PDF merge feature

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Microsoft has made some new features available in the Windows Insider beta versions of its 365 Apps. An Auto Crop feature has been added for Mac and iOS devices, while Android users get the option to merge PDFs.

The Auto Crop feature should automatically detect the parts of an image that are most important and crop out the rest, writes Microsoft. The feature is available for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The automatic cropping tool can only be used on one photo at a time and does not yet work with SVG and PDF files. The Auto Crop capability is available to Windows Insiders using version 2.76 or newer of the iOS app. For the Mac this is version 16.76 or newer.

Microsoft 365 Insiders with Android app build 16.0.16523.10000 or later have access into a PDF merging function. To do this, users must go to the Choose Files page in the 365 app and choose the PDF files that should be merged into one file. They can also then determine the order of the PDFs. This is a premium feature and is therefore only accessible to users with a paid Microsoft 365 subscription.

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