DICE Explains Battlefield 2042 Skins After Santa Skin Controversy

DICE reveals that special skins for Battlefield 2042 may not always be available in the main game. Also, some skins can only be used once. The company is providing the explanation after a fuss arose about a leaked Santa skin for the character Boris. Initially, the screenshots of the holiday-inspired character and vehicle skins were … Read more

NASA to split $415.6 million between three ISS successor makers

The American space agency NASA has given three companies a total of $415.6 million to develop the successors to ISS. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, among others, will receive funding from NASA for an ISS successor. Of the three companies, Nanoracks received the most money, with $160 million. This company makes ‘Starlab’ together with Voyager Space … Read more

DICE Releases Third Battlefield 2042 Update with Weekly Missions and Bug Fixes

DICE will release the third update for Battlefield 2042 on Thursday. This update adds weekly missions and various bug fixes, among other things. The update has a total of “more than 150 changes and bug fixes,” DICE reports. DICE writes that the update will be available on Thursday, December 2 for PCs, PlayStations and Xbox … Read more

Elon Musk hopes to launch Starship into Earth orbit in January

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hopes the Starship rocket can be launched into orbit for the first time in January 2022. Musk does warn about the risks and does not dare to say that it will immediately be a successful flight. Musk says in a meeting of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine that … Read more

Rockstar Games Launcher is back online, PC remasters GTA are back ‘soon’

Rockstar Games reports that its launcher is back online, but that the remasters of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas are not yet available for purchase or play again. The publisher says they need some time to “delete files that accidentally ended up in the games.” The return of the launcher means that other … Read more

China’s first woman to take a spacewalk

Wang Yaping is the first female Chinese taikonaut to take a spacewalk. The mission lasted six hours, during which Wang and her male colleague Zhai Zhigang prepared to expand the Chinese space station Tiangong. Wang, 41, was sent into space with two other taikonauts last month to perform maintenance work on the Tianhe module of … Read more

Microsoft shows improved Halo Infinite campaign after more than a year

Microsoft has shown footage of the Halo Infinite campaign for the first time since July 2020. With this, the company wants to show the improvements that have been carried out in the past period. The first images last year led to the postponement of the game. In a new trailer of about six minutes, Microsoft … Read more

James Webb telescope arrives in French Guiana for December 18 launch

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has successfully arrived at Kourou in French Guiana. The space telescope should follow the Hubble telescope. The target launch date is December 18. After 16 days at sea, the space telescope has arrived at Port de Pariacabo in French Guiana. There is a distance of about 9334km from Los Angeles. … Read more

GOG removes Hitman from range after criticism for DRM

Online game platform GOG.com has removed the 2016 Hitman game from its range. The company does this because of criticism. GOG indicated that the game was DRM-free, but did not mention that users need an account to use all of the game’s features. An employee writes on the GOG forum that Hitman has been removed … Read more

Hitman 2016 faces review bombing on GOG due to drm

Users of online game store GOG are dissatisfied with how the company offers the 2016 game Hitman on its platform. GOG does not state that an account is required to use all features of the game and which features are missing without an account. It also calls the game DRM-free. The game has been on … Read more