DICE Releases Third Battlefield 2042 Update with Weekly Missions and Bug Fixes

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DICE will release the third update for Battlefield 2042 on Thursday. This update adds weekly missions and various bug fixes, among other things. The update has a total of “more than 150 changes and bug fixes,” DICE reports.

DICE writes that the update will be available on Thursday, December 2 for PCs, PlayStations and Xbox consoles. With the update, the studio will introduce weekly missions to the game, although they won’t be available until next week. Players can take part in three different missions each week, and earn XP and cosmetic items when they complete them.

Battlefield Portal also gets new Rush layouts for the All-Out Warfare playing fields. New templates will also be available in Builder mode and a new Portal option called Vehicle Team Deathmatch, which will allow users to use vehicles in their custom Portal game modes. Portal users will also be given the option to distinguish between different types of “damage” in the game rules, such as damage from firearms or melee weapons.

In terms of interface, the Collections menu will be adjusted, among other things. According to DICE, fewer keystrokes are needed to customize loadouts and the Plus menu. It also makes it easier to distinguish between attachments that are locked, recently unlocked, and in use.

Certain UI elements seen in-game will also be modified. The size of game icons will be scaled based on distance after the update. That should improve visibility and make it look less ‘messy’. It also makes it easier to distinguish between team members and enemies, and adds indicators for players who need to be resuscitated. It also becomes clearer which players can revive someone when hit. The transitions between different menus in the game should also look ‘smoother’.

The game also gets 150 “individual bug fixes, minor tweaks, and improvements across all maps.” Improvements to the audio, rendering and interactions are also added, along with bug fixes for weapons, vehicles and specialists. In early December, DICE will release another update with balance adjustments and bug fixes. Earlier, the studio already released an update that, among other things, improved the bullet spread of weapons, and the company also released an update before that.

DICE indicated last month that it is considering adding another scoreboard, which is displayed at the end of a round. Also, a server browser and in-game voice chat are being considered. According to DICE, these are some points that players often mention as criticisms of Battlefield 2042. The studio did mention that these concern larger changes to the game, which cannot all be dealt with at the same time.

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