Halo Infinite gets Forge and online co-op on November 8, deletes split screen

Halo Infinite will receive a beta version of Forge on November 8 through an update and the campaign can then be played with online co-op. Split screen mode has been permanently deleted. Furthermore, Halo Infinite’s third multiplayer season has been postponed to March 7, 2023.

Forge is a level builder in which players can create their own multiplayer levels. Developer 343 Industries previously expressed the expectation that that feature would come to the game in August 2022. In a new video the company announces that this will be November 8. This is a beta version. Ultimately, Halo Infinite’s Forge mode should have a larger object count of 7000 objects instead of the 1600 that could be used in Halo 5. In addition, the biomes are twice as large.

In addition to the Forge mode, players will be able to play the campaign together through online co-op. The co-op works with up to four players. Missions can also be played again with this update, these missions also have new achievements. The offline split screen co-op mode has been permanently removed. The developer says he wants to invest the development time this needs in other things.

343 Industries also announced that the third season will be postponed to March 7. The current season started in May. The developer has said before seasons every three months with a new season. The company now says it needs extra time ‘to be able to guarantee quality’ and wants to release the coming seasons faster. Halo Infinite’s third season will include two maps, a new weapon, a Shroud Screen that can be deployed during combat, and additional cosmetic items to customize the player’s appearance.