Unopened Super Mario Bros. Game Brings Record $2 Million

An unopened Super Mario Bros. cartridge for Nintendo’s NES game console has sold for a record $2 million, or about $1.7 million. The buyer prefers to remain anonymous. According to the sales platform Rally, where the game was for sale, the packaging had never been opened and was in exceptional condition. The game’s condition was … Read more

Unopened Super Mario 64 cartridge fetches $1.56 million at auction

An unopened Nintendo 64 cartridge of Super Mario 64 has netted a record $1.56 million. That is converted to more than 1.3 million euros. The previous record was $870,000 for a The Legend of Zelda cartridge for the NES. The classic 1996 3D platformer went up for auction this weekend at Heritage Auctions with a … Read more

Rare copy of The Legend of Zelda auction sets record with $870,000

An extremely rare copy of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System has netted a record $870,000. That is converted to 816,000 euros. According to the auction house, it is ‘the earliest print that still had a chance to appear’. According to auction house Heritage Auctions, this is the second printing of the … Read more

Nintendo will release new Game & Watch with old Zelda games in November

Nintendo is releasing a new Game & Watch handheld in celebration of Zelda’s 35th anniversary. Last year, Nintendo did the same with the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The new version will get three old Zelda games and will be available for purchase from November 12. The handheld is called Game & Watch: The Legend … Read more

Nintendo Releases Pac-Man Battle Royale Game For Switch Online Subscribers

Nintendo is releasing the game Pac-Man 99 for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. It is a free Nintendo Switch game with a battle royale theme, where a player has to compete against 98 opponents. Just like previously released titles such as Tetris 99 and the now unplayable Super Mario Bros. 35, Pac-Man 99 is a title … Read more

Sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. raises record amount of 660,000 dollars

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES has gone under the hammer for 660,000 dollars, converted 561,000 euros. The amount is a record for video games. The game is not only still in its plastic casing, but inside the box itself is also in good condition. According to IGN, this amount shatters … Read more

Hacker gets Doom working on Nintendo Game & Watch

The Game & Watch Super Mario Bros can be added to the long line of devices that can run Doom. Hacker stacksmashing has gotten the old shooting game working on the handheld. Stacksmashing said he was often asked if he could put Doom on his Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. The soc of this … Read more

Hacker takes first steps for own ROMs on new Nintendo Game & Watch

Hacker stack smashing clears the Nintendo Game & Watch with Super Mario Bros. released last week and bypass the handheld’s encryption. This is the first steps towards adapted ROMs for the Game & Watch. Stacksmashing bought the Nintendo Game & Watch and opened the device to see if he already found ways to hack the … Read more

Nintendo will release new Game & Watch handheld on November 13th

Nintendo will be bringing Super Mario Bros. a new Game & Watch. The handheld contains Super Mario Bros., plus The Lost Levels and a Mario version of Balls. The new Nintendo Game & Watch makes the NES version of Super Mario Bros., which appeared in 1985, playable on a color screen and with a dpad. … Read more