T-Mobile comes with FamilyMode

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As a parent, you probably want to protect your child from anything on the internet that is also somewhat violent, aggressive, erotic or dangerous to children’s eyes. Netflix already came with an option for extra supervision by parents. Anyway, children will still be found on the internet nowadays. Not only in leisure time, but also for educational purposes.

T-Mobile comes with FamilyMode, a system that enables parents to control the access to their children’s internet. With the ‘home base’ device, parents can also extend the number of devices that they can monitor.


The system consists of two parts, an app and a ‘home base’ device. You can connect the app and the device via WiFi or an ethernet cable. The app is for both android and iOS. From the app you can choose which devices of your children you want to add. This can be a smartphone or tablet, but also game consoles, laptops and smart TVs for example. The system can also only be used with the app, but only the smartphones or tablets can be checked.

Parents can set internet limits, filter unsuitable content, and choose which sites and apps children can access. The history of websites visited is also visible, as are the most frequently used websites and apps. The parents can also reward children with extra time to use the internet.
The app has room for twelve profiles. You can also link different devices to each child in the app. The location of the devices is also visible, so if your child has the device with you, you can see where they are hanging out.

And the children?

They can see on the app how long they can stay on a website, platform or app. That way they can organize their own internet time. They get a notification when the time is up, after which they can not continue.
For T-Mobile users, FamilyMode will be on sale from June 29th. The app costs ten dollars per month and the Home Base amounts to a one-time $ 100, but only $ 20 in the beginning.


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