Subscription service Uplay + will become Ubisoft + and will receive streaming via Stadia and Luna

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Ubisoft is renaming its subscription service Uplay + to Ubisoft +. The publisher also announces integration with game streaming via Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Subscribers will be able to stream games through the services later this year at no additional cost.

Ubisoft changes the name, but the price remains the same at fifteen euros per month. For that amount, Ubisoft + subscribers on PC get access to a library of over 100 games. New games that will be released soon are also included in the subscription, such as Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

At the moment, those games still have to be installed locally, but thanks to the integration with Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, it will soon be possible to stream the games. Starting November 10, Ubisoft + will be available in beta via Amazon Luna and also at Google Stadia by the end of this year. Not all games will be available with the streaming services, but the Ubisoft games that are there will be available to stream for Ubisoft + subscribers at no extra cost.

Ubisoft announced earlier this week to change its software Uplay to Ubisoft Connect. With this new platform, the publisher wants to enable crossplay and cross-progression between its games on PC, consoles and streaming services. For example, players can play a game on the PC and continue later via streaming on another device.

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