Stylus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has bluetooth

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An inspection report from the American agency FCC confirms that the stylus that Samsung makes for the Galaxy Note 9 has bluetooth on board. It is still unknown what users can use it for.

The FCC approved the stylus with type number EJ-PN960 and the approval states that the pen supports bluetooth. Until now, the S Pen of the Galaxy Note series has never passed the approval separately, because it is only needed for devices that emit radiation. With the bluetooth radio in the pen, that now happens and that is not the case with previous iterations of the pen. The model number of the stylus contains N960, which is the presumed model number of the Note 9. The Galaxy Note 8 is called N950, while the Galaxy S9 is called G960.

Samsung showed a teaser for the Note 9 last week, in which only the stylus can be seen. This indicates that the manufacturer wants to use the pen to further distinguish the Note from other smartphones. According to twitterer Ice Universe this is done by making the button on the pen usable for pausing music or as a shutter button for the camera. Samsung will present the Note 9 and the pen on August 9. The Galaxy Note series has been around since 2011.

A previous Galaxy Note with S-Pen

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