StarTech Introduces 2.5″ Keylock Drive Sled

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StarTech, a company specializing in peripherals, has released an external hard drive or solid state drive enclosure that includes encryption and a keypad for entering codes.

The Encrypted USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Enclosure, as the housing for 2.5″ drives is called in full, is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface. The housing can accommodate a 2.5″ hard disk or SSD, which can be connected via the USB bus is primed. The data on the drive is encrypted in real time with aes256 encryption. This means that data on the drives must be transported safely and must not fall into the wrong hands, even in the event of theft.

The encryption does not take place by the operating system or an SSD controller, but the housing has a separate controller based on 32-bit ARM architecture on board. A keypad is available for entering a personal code, with which the data on the drive can be encrypted and released again. The encryption is independent of the operating system used. The housing costs, excluding VAT, 108 euros and is available immediately.

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