Starlink releases Roam service for worldwide internet for 230 euros per month

Starlink releases Roam. This service, formerly known as Starlink for RV, allows users to use their Internet subscription away from home. A regional version will be available for EUR 105 per month, while a global version will cost EUR 230 per month.

Starlink Roam is now officially released, the company reports on Twitter. The company has previously tested the service. The service lets users use Starlink satellite internet in locations where the internet is “unreliable or completely unavailable.”

Starlink offers a regional version for EUR 105 per month, which allows users to use the service within their continent. A version that can be used worldwide in all places where Starlink is available costs 230 euros per month. On his website explains the company that the service is intended for use on land only. Starlink already offers a Maritime subscription that can be used at sea in a number of countries for USD 5,000 per month.

To use the service, users must purchase a terminal for 450 euros. Starlink also has a terminal that can be used while in motion, for example on top of a motorhome. That option is currently available “in select markets” and costs $2,500. A euro price is not listed on the Starlink website.

Roam is a new version of Starlink for RV, a service the company announced last year. Starlink for RV was broadly similar to Roam, but did not offer a globally usable option. Starlink already started testing this global version in February, also wrote The Verge. Starlink for RV cost 124 euros per month when it was released last year. Like Starlink for RV, Roam can be canceled monthly, which is not the case with a regular Starlink subscription.