Starlink introduces dish for reception on the road with land vehicle

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Starlink has unveiled a Flat High Performance dish with which subscribers can receive reception on the road with, for example, a motorhome. Previous land dishes are for stationary use only. SpaceX will ship the dish from December for $2,500.

The Flat High Performance dish has a larger field of view and ‘enhanced GPS capabilities’ and can therefore connect to more satellites at the same time. This dish offers a more consistent connection on the go. SpaceX designed the dish so that it can be permanently mounted on vehicles and can withstand severe weather conditions.

The dish is part of the Starlink for RV subscription. This subscription costs 105 euros per month and the connections have a lower priority than other Starlink subscriptions. This means that during peak times the internet speeds of the For RV subscription may be lower than the speeds of other subscribers.

SpaceX will deliver the new dish from December. At the moment, the dish can only be ordered in the US, where it costs 2506 euros converted. With VAT this would be 3033 euros. The regular For RV dish, which can only be used stationary, costs $599 there. In Europe it costs 480 euros.

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