Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Cannot Be Completed On Switch

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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II, which was released this month for Nintendo Switch, is currently unfinished. Aspyr, the company responsible for the port of this classic game, acknowledges the issue and says a patch is in the works.

Aspyr Media announces on Twitter that there is a known issue and that it will be addressed in the next patch. In an answer to a user’s question confirms the company that there is currently no way to finish the game on the Nintendo Switch. Aspyr says the patch will be released as soon as possible, but has not announced when that will happen.

On Twitter a user responds noting that the same bug was also present in the original PC game from 17 years ago. It appears to be a crash after the so-called Basilisk Crash Cut Scene is played when players arrive on jungle world Onderon. This is roughly halfway through the story and from that moment on the game cannot be played any further.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was released for Nintendo Switch on June 8. It is a port of the original rpg from 2004. The port is provided by Aspyr Media. This company is known for re-releases older games on new platforms and has made Star Wars ports on several occasions.

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