Spotify’s free version is a lot more interesting after update

If you listen for free Spotify you are always stuck to shuffle playlists, at least on mobile. Specifically choosing a song or determining the order is not there. Or was not there, we have to say. That will change with the new free version of Spotify soon. In the new version of the free app there will be fifteen new on-demand playlists in which you can even choose as a free user which song you want to listen to without having to remove strange antics.

Those fifteen playlists are different for each user: it depends on your pre-completed and ongoing taste in Spotify what you get served, although of course there is also the possibility to listen to playlists set up by Spotify such as RapCaviar, Viva Latino, Ultimate Indie or Alternative R & B for example. You can also listen to favorites from paying listeners such as the Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix. All these possibilities are also shown right from the start screen, so you can immediately start listening.

It can be very much

It is a fairly aggressive way of attracting more listeners (will probably have something to do with the IPO ), with of course the risk that some paying listeners now go back to the free version. As a free user you can now also enjoy songs by tapping on the heart or hiding them by tapping on another icon. The more you do that, the better the suggestions from Spotify will close to your taste in music. You can even put your own favorites in your own playlists, with Spotify also suggesting songs that suit what you already have.

Whether or not those playlists can only be played in shuffle mode is not clear, but it would be too crazy if all those possibilities were also available in the free version. Then there is not much left for an average listener to pay for, except for the lack of advertisements and offline play. To make it even more interesting for people who do not yet use Spotify, there will also be a Data Saver mode, a button that you can convert to listen to music with as little data as possible.

The new free version is not yet available, but Spotify promises that both the Android and iOS versions will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.