Spotify will soon get support for Siri

The latest beta version of the Spotify app for iOS lets users control the app via Siri. For now, the feature only works on the iPhone. Whether the feature will also come to the HomePod and the Watch is unknown. Control via the AirPods does work.

If you want Siri to play a song or podcast on Spotify, you must clearly indicate that it is Spotify. Otherwise, the voice assistant will automatically open Apple Music, according to an article by The Verge, which already has the beta in hand. The Verge has also tested whether the function works on the Watch, but it does not yet. The smartwatch currently does not have a dedicated app and therefore indicates that listening to Spotify is not possible.

It is unknown when the feature will be available to everyone. The beta version of Spotify has a limited number of users and runs through TestFlight.

The addition of Siri to the Spotify app is possible by opening up the SiriKit framework with iOS 13. Several anonymous sources indicated last month that the addition was coming. It has been possible for some time to control the Spotify app via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.