Spotify removes shuffle button from album pages for Premium users

Spotify has removed the default shuffle button from album pages for Premium users. As a result, the songs of albums play in the order that the artist intended, instead of in random order. Singer Adele asked Spotify about this.

The streaming service calls it a new ‘Premium feature’ that the Play button is now the standard. The service did this at the request of Adele, whose new album was released last Friday. on Twitter says the artist that this was ‘the only thing’ she really wanted to change in the music industry. She thanks Spotify. The company responds with ‘Everything for you’.

Previously, songs in albums were automatically shuffled when the user tapped the green Play button near the album. That is no longer the case in Premium. Users who play music via the free Spotify service will still only have the choice of shuffle play.

The button is still on the artist pages at the top, but no longer with albums. Users can play an album in random order by turning on the shuffle button at the bottom of the player.

In a response to the BBC, a Spotify spokesperson said the ‘new feature’ is a ‘long-cherished wish’ of users and artists. According to the BBC, Adele was one of the artists who made this wish to Spotify.