Spotify for Wear OS will soon support offline playback

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In the coming weeks, users of the Spotify app for Wear OS will receive support to save and listen to playlists, albums and podcasts offline. Older smartwatches with Wear OS 2.0 also receive this functionality.

Premium Spotify users get the option to download albums, playlists and podcasts and listen to them offline. Free users will only be able to download podcasts for offline listening. Unlike Google’s new YouTube app for Wear OS 3, which also supports offline playback, the new feature will also work on smartwatches running Wear OS version 2.0 and above.

This new functionality will become available in the coming weeks. An exact date is not stated. Early last month, Spotify rolled out the same feature for users of the app on the Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch, Premium users can stream songs offline in 96Kbit/s, how many Kbit/s Wear OS uses is not yet clear. The offline feature is supported on an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, with watchOS 6 or later.

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