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Speech assistant can answer sign language

Speech assistants Alexa Siri and Google Assistant are becoming more extensive. Not immediately necessary, but very useful to have such help at home. Turn off the light, lock the door and turn on the radio; a simple voice command and the task is automatically executed.

Nevertheless, this is difficult for deaf people to use. That is why an American software engineer has come up with a solution with Artificial Intelligence.

Sign language Alexa

An app with a webcam reads sign language and speaks this out to Alexa, Amazon’s speech system. Alexa’s answer is written down on a computer screen so that the deaf person can read it.

The software developer has trained the app to recognize sign language. This is recognized by the computer as text and speech. With a webcam, gestures have been repeated to teach the system the basics of sign language. Then he learned the words that accompany the gestures. With Google’s text-to-speech system, speech is transmitted to the Amazon device nearby.

Language Alexa limited

It will be difficult to learn the complete sign language on the system. On the other hand, Alexa also has no knowledge of the entire English language. The system is only based on a number of fixed sentences. In any case, it is good progress that deaf people in the future will also have the opportunity to have a helper like Alexa in their house.

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