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SpaceX suits come from the same brain as those of Batman and Wolverine

Isn’t designing a costume for a movie almost the same as putting together an astronaut suit? Apparently there are plenty of similarities, as Jose Fernandez is the man who created both Batman’s costume of Ben ‘Batfleck’ Affleck, and the NASA astronauts who successfully made it to the ISS with the Crew Dragon last week.
From Daft Punk to Dragon
Of course, the costumes of the superheroes are somewhat similar to those of the space heroes that we saw successfully go into space last Saturday. It must all be made of sturdy material, can take a beating and it may look a bit tough. Ironhead Studio’s Jose Fernandez designed those from NASA, but also those from Captain America, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and Batman. He even designed a pair of helmets from music duo Daft Punk.

The big difference is, of course, that the superhero outfits for the silver screen must be beautiful, while those of astronauts are mainly concerned with safety and function. Musk gave him some tips: “People always look better in a tuxedo, regardless of the size or shape of the body. I want people in the space suit to look better than usual. Heroic. ” Fernandez explained in an interview with Forbes .

Astronaut suits

The great thing is that Fernandez has taken some lessons from his superhero suits to NASA / SpaceX. NASA, for example, has struggled since Apollo time with the fact that astronauts could not turn their heads enough. This is because the helmets are of course relatively large and firmly attached, so that the visibility is not optimal. An issue that Ben Affleck also faced in his time as Batman in Dawn of Justice. Fernandez developed a separate neck piece that makes the suits lighter and allows astronauts to see better.

Dream job for costume designers

Jose Fernandez is a lucky guy. Not only does he learn a lot about the biggest blockbusters and even a historic moment in the history of Earthlings who went into space, he also influences it himself by incorporating his talent for design, material and handy solutions. put. We have Saturday anyway immensely enjoyed when the mission SpaceX’s Dragon Crew succeeded with flying colors.

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