6x This way you save everything in iCloud Drive via iPhone & iPad

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iCloud Drive is a part of Apple’s cloud where you can store all kinds of files so you can access them from all your devices. You can find it in the Files app. But how do you save things to iCloud Drive from your iPhone? There are several roads that lead to Rome, but you should definitely see these methods.

1. Pages, Numbers and Keynote files

Documents you create in the iWork Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps are automatically saved to a folder of the same name in iCloud Drive. Please check if the settings are correct via ‘Settings> Pages (or Numbers or Keynote)> Document storage’. ICloud Drive should be here.

2. From other apps

You can store documents in iCloud Drive via various iOS apps. For example, do you want to save a photo? Then open the photo and tap the Share icon. Now swipe down until ‘Save to Files’ comes up. From there, you can navigate to iCloud Drive or any folder in it and click ‘Save’. Save an ECG from the Health app? Here too, tap the Share icon and go through the same steps. So check especially what different apps have to offer.

3. Mail attachments

It is actually a variation of the above, but you can also cycle attachments in Mail from the iOS app into your iCloud Drive. Keep your finger on the attachment a little longer or push it harder. There it is again: the Share icon. Navigate to the correct folder and save your attachment.

4. Scan paper documents

Do you have such a rock-solid flatbed scanner? You don’t really need it anymore, because the Files app has a built-in scanner. You can find it in Files to iCloud Drive, then tap the circle with the three dots. Select ‘Scan documents’ and follow the instructions on the screen. You can eventually save the scan to a logical place in iCloud Drive.

5. Drag and drop

On the iPad, you have a very efficient way to store content in iCloud Drive. For this you use the multitasking capabilities of iPadOS. First, open the Files app and navigate to the folder where you want to save something. Now open an app next to Files. You do this by sliding upwards from the bottom of the screen until the Dock appears. Hold your finger on the app in the Dock you want to open and drag it left or right on the screen.

From that second app, you can now drag all kinds of pieces of information into iCloud Drive. A marked location from Maps, an image from Safari, a PDF from Books: hold your finger down to select it – you will see it come off the screen, so to speak. Optionally, but for advanced users, tap another item with another finger. Now drag it to Files, where you will see a green plus. Let it go, put it down, and there it is!

6. Downloads from the Internet

Safari has had a download manager since iOS 13 . If you download a file online – a PDF, epub or zip, for example – it will be stored in iCloud Drive, more precisely in the Downloads folder. The great thing is that you can also access that folder from your Mac!

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