Sony wants to make cameras with 1000fps video

Sony wants to make cameras that shoot video at 1000fps. The manufacturer has said that in a look ahead to the coming years. With the switch, it is possible to make slow-motion videos with the Sony cameras.

Sony mentions it as a goal, writes SonyAlphaRumours based on a presentation from Sony itself on its day for investors. It is unknown whether the manufacturer already has a camera on the roadmap that can do this. Users should be able to switch from 30fps to 1000fps while shooting videos.

In addition, Sony will focus with its cameras on resolution, speed and sensitivity of the sensor, as can be concluded from the presentation. As a result, the cameras must ‘exceed the limits of the human eye’, through, among other things, greater zoom range, better dynamic range and better light sensitivity in the dark. It is not yet clear how Sony intends to achieve these ambitions.

The Japanese manufacturer mainly sees bread in more expensive cameras and thinks it can earn money with it. In addition, more lenses should become available; the goal by early 2016 is to have more than 70 lenses in the range. There are now about sixty.