Sony suspends production of CMOS sensors for smartphones after Japan earthquake

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Sony has had to temporarily shut down two of its factories that make image sensors for smartphone cameras. That has to do with the earthquakes that have ravaged Japan in recent days. It is unclear when production can resume.

Production is completely shut down in Kumamoto, on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, Reuters news agency reported on the basis of statements from Sony. A factory in Nagasaki, which is also located in Kyushu, was also affected by the earthquakes, but production there only had to be partially shut down. Sony makes image sensors based on cmos in its factories. These are used for smartphone cameras, which are used by several manufacturers, including Apple.

A Sony spokesperson said he did not immediately expect problems as a result of the temporary production stop. There is still enough stock to meet the demand in the coming days. However, it is still unclear when the two factories will be able to run at full speed again. Sony says it will announce more about the size of the production stop in the coming days. First of all, the extent to which both factories have been damaged is examined.

Not only Sony is struggling with the aftermath of the earthquakes in Japan. Car manufacturers Mitsubishi, Honda and Toyota have also had to temporarily stop production. In many cases, too, the extent of the damage is not yet clear.

Kyushu suffered two earthquakes in the past week that killed at least 32 people. The search for survivors is still underway. Bad weather is making rescue operations more difficult, potentially increasing the death toll even further.

It is more common for the technology sector to struggle with production problems after an earthquake in Japan. For example, major problems arose after a severe earthquake in 2011, which forced many companies to shut down their factories. Sony then ceased production at six factories.

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