First Dark Souls III DLC Pack Coming in Fall

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Namco Bandai will release the first DLC pack for Dark Souls III in the fall. However, it is not yet clear what new content is included in this package. There is also a small update to be released for the game on Monday.

The developer of Dark Souls III has confirmed to the website Videogamer that the first DLC pack is expected in the fall. However, no more details were provided. As a result, it is still unclear what the new package of content will be called, what it will cost, and what new content will be added to Dark Souls III.

However, Namco Bandai has previously said that it is working on new maps, bosses, enemies, weapons and armor. It is also already known that a second dlc package should be released later. If you purchase a season pass for around 25 euros, you will receive access to both packages.

An update for Dark Souls III should also be released on Monday. It concerns version 1.03.1 of the game that is mainly intended for fixing bugs and balancing weapons and armor. The update will come approximately simultaneously with the European release of the game. Dark Souls III has been available to play in Japan since last month.

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