Sony announces arrival of Inscryption and 6 other indie games for PlayStation

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Sony has announced seven indie games coming soon to the PS4 and PS5. These are Cursed to Golf, Signalis, Cult of the Lamb, SCHiM, Sea of ​​Stars, The Tomorrow Children and Inscryption. Some games also appear on other platforms.

encryption is a roguelike deck-building game released in October 2021 by Devolver Digital for PC. The game received critical acclaim at the time. In June 2022 there was also a version for macOS and Linux and now it’s the turn of the PlayStation version. An exact release date Sony declinedbut the developer did state that the port will include some PlayStation-exclusive features, including haptic feedback and specific sounds and lighting effects that will be sent through the PlayStation controller.

Cursed to Gulf

For indie game Cursed to Gulf a release date was given: that will be August 18. In this two-dimensional golf game, you play as The Cursed Golfer, a golfer who has a freak accident and dies just as he was about to win an international golf tournament. He ends up in the Gulf Purgatory and has to find his way back to the living. Cursed to Golf will also be released on August 18 for PC, Xbox game consoles and Nintendo Switch.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition

The Tomorrow Children was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2014. An updated version will be released on September 6 of this year with numerous improvements. In this game you are presented with an alternate future in which a few clones must rebuild civilization after an experiment has gone wrong. The developers made some changes to the game and renamed the game to The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition. In this new version it will be possible to play offline only, use a grappling hook to move through the world, travel to new islands and team up with friends online. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will cost 40 euros.

Signalis, Cult of the Lamb, SCHiM and Sea of ​​Stars

It will then appear on October 27 Signalis for the PlayStation. The very first game from developer rose-engine. In this sci-fi horror survival game, the main character Elster discovers a dark secret while trying to find her long-lost colleague. Signalis will also be available on Steam on October 27.

It’s the turn of August 11 Cult of the Lamb. In this real-time strategy game, you as a lamb have to set up your own sect for the one who once saved you from destruction. You take on other cult leaders, after which you can absorb their powers to eventually become the strongest. Cult of the Lamb will also be available on August 11 on Steam, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

The two Dutch game developers Ewoud van der Werf and Nils Slijkerman bring in 2023 SHIM to the PlayStation and Steam. In this platform game, you play a detached shadow of a person and try to return to that same person as quickly as possible. You can only move through the game world by merging into other shadows. According to the developers, the game world contains many elements that should feel typically Dutch.

Finally, there is still Sea of ​​Stars. In this turn-based JRPG, two young main characters must team up and use their powers to wield Eclipse Magic. That’s the only way to overpower the monsters of The Fleshmancer, a dark alchemist. Sea of ​​Stars is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in 2023.

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