Sonos adds DTS support to speakers with S2 software

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Sonos has added DTS Digital Surround support to its S2 operating system. This gives various Sonos home theater speakers from recent years support for playing DTS sound.

Support for DTS is in version 13.4 of the Sonos S2 operating system. There is no support for DTS-HD and DTS:X; only DTS Digital Surround 5.1 is supported. In September, Sonos already announced the arrival of DTS support with the introduction of the new Beam soundbar. The first generation of the Beam, the Playbar, Playbase, Amp and Arc also receive DTS support via the update.

With the addition of DTS support, Sonos users have more options for surround sound playback. DTS is a counterpart to Dolby Digital and is used, for example, on some Blu-ray discs. Disney recently announced that its streaming service Disney+ will receive support for DTS sound.

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