Some Sega games like Sonic Mania are being added to EA Origin Access Premier

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Some games from Sega are being added to EA’s Origin Access service. This concerns three games. Sonic Mania will be added to the subscription service immediately. Two other games from the Japanese publisher will follow later this year.

The games are now part of Premier version of Origin Access, EA reports . This service costs 15 euros per month and also provides access to all EA games. Sega first adds 2d platformer Sonic Mania to the service. Hospital game Two Point Hospital and strategy game Endless Legend will follow later this year. EA does not yet announce the exact release date of those two games. Availability about EA Access, the console variant of the subscription service, is also not mentioned.

It is not the first time that another publisher has released games on EA’s Access service. This is how Warner Bros. some of his games will be available with his service in 2018 , although they will no longer be available there.

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