Software update: Zoom Player 14.3

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Inmatrix has released version 14.3 of the media player Zoom Player. Zoom Player is available in the Free and Max flavors. The price for a Max license is just under thirty euros. On this page the different versions are compared against each other. The changelog for this release can be found below.


  • You can now perform sorting (by Listeners, Name, BitRate & Format) in the SHOUTcast station browser dialog.


  • When the up / down arrow keys are assigned to next / previous chapter or track, the up / down keys are not set logically, now pressing down will go to the next track / chapter and pressing up will go to the previous track / chapter.
  • Opening a YouTube channel with no internet connection now shows a refresh option instead of a message that the category is empty.
  • Using the ‘Open subtitle file’ to add a subtitle to the currently playing media now initializes the file selection dialog to open in the […]
  • You can now open the stream selection fullscreen navigation interface if no media is currently playing. 59004] Fixed
    • Due to a language file that was not updated in version 14.2, the titles on navigation showed the wrong title.
    • Pressing the “Load More” button in media library categories with a plugin capable of showing multiple pages (eg YouTube) would cause the “refresh” option to disappear if there were no more media to list.
    • The RSS feed media library plugin was not showing the correct publishing dates for some RSS feed (eg YouTube RSS).
    • Trying to load a playlist through the Open URL (Shift + “U”) dialog
    • The media library playlist plugin did not function properly under some conditions, reporting an empty category
    • The media library playlist plugin The following downloads are available:
      Zoom Player Free 14.3
      Zoom Player Max 14.3 did not use a clean category when a playlist was used instead of a file.

Zoom Player Free 14.3
Zoom Player Max 14.3

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