Software Update: Zarafa Collaboration Platform 6.40.15

Zarafa can be seen as an open source counterpart to Microsoft Exchange Server and is thus able to handle e-mail, calendar and webmail functions. In addition, it offers a full MAPI stack, which allows a Microsoft Outlook client to communicate by using a plug-in. For more information, please refer to this page. The developers have released version 6.40.15 in the final branch and provided the following announcement with list of changes:

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 6.40.15 final

Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 6.40.15 final. On the beta 1 release we did one more fix to include support for the latest outlook 2010 update.

For download check:

For the full changelog:

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Kind regards,
Zarafa QA

Change log ZCP 6.40.15 final [33766]

In this release we did a small number of backend fixes to increase the main stability while in the last leg of support for the 6. general version


  • Fix:[ZCP-9259] – Zarafa indexer is using much more IO since optimize function was added.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9720] – Deleting companies with a database plugin doesn’t remove the subobjects from the objecttable.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9074] – Zarafa backup does not escape comments on folders and items.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9220] – ZMT Crash.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9224] – ICS exports changes if there were only flag changes when using restriction.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9280] – Sub folder not recovered after permanently deleting a folder with sub folder.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9331] – Segfault zarafa server 7.0.2 (issue also in 6.40).
  • Fix:[ZCP-9332] – Segfault zarafa server 7.0.0 (issue also in 6.40).
  • Fix:[ZCP-9396] – Typo in manual.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9443] – SQL deadlock in table changes.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9515] – The MSR seems to crash after an SQL error.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9602] – Segfault zarafa server 6.40.14.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9657] – Zarafa indexer is using much more IO since optimize function is added.


  • Fix:[ZCP-9407] – Marking message as read in WA will show message as unread via Z-Push.


  • Fix:[ZCP-9271] – Outlook cached profile syncs GAB entries for all available companies slowing the sync down in big environments.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9351] – Meeting Request not updated when it’s already accepted by a delegate.
  • Fix:[ZCP-9785] – Latest update of outlook 2010 gives a pop-up warning that this version is not supported.

Version number 6.40.15
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Zarafa
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)