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XPero has updated XPize to version 4.1 MCE. This program is intended to brighten up the user interface of Windows XP and 2003. There are still pictures and icons in Windows that have not changed since Windows 95. XPize modifies more than 150 system files to modify icons (from 32×32 to 128×128), animations and images. There is also the possibility to adjust the screensaver and the start-up and login screen. XPize can be run standalone or integrated with nLite in an installation CD. on this page several screenshots can be admired. The following changes have been made in this release:

Traffic jams:

  • Removed batmeter.dll


  • Modified icon 161 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 182 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 184 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 185 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 186 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 187 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 16710 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 16715 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 16717 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 16718 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 16721 in shell32.dll

Miscellaneous / 3rd Party Files:

  • Modified icon 345 in mspub.exe (128×128 icon size support)
  • Removed icon 182 in wcesmgr.exe
  • Removed icon 183 in wcesmgr.exe


  • Universal Logon Screen
  • Royale installed as a separate VS (no Luna + Royale)

XPize Settings:

  • Updated to version
  • Main window resizable

XPize Reloader:

  • Option to run silently on Startup (repatches hotfixed files without user interaction)

i386 Patching:

  • Fixed batt.dll
  • Fixed irprops.cpl
  • Fixed telephon.cpl
  • Fixed liccpa.cpl


  • Added /nomsxml3.dll (skips msxml3.dll on install)
  • Added /noquartz.dll (skips quartz.dll on install)
  • Added /noreloader (skips option to run XPize Reloader silently on Startup)


  • Checks if XPize is already installed
  • Checks if .NET Framework is installed
  • Checks if System Restore Service is running
  • Checks if user has 32-bit color depth


  • The RestoreXPize.txt temp file has been deleted
  • FontSubstitutes reg value is set to default


  • Updated Uxtheme Patcher
  • Some cleaning and optimisations
  • Some GUI improvements


Version number 4.1 MCE
Operating systems Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website XPero
File size


License type Freeware
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