Software Update: XML Nanny 1.3

XML Nanny is a handy tool to validate XHTML and XML documents for their Well-Formedness. This program for the Mac OS X platform validates the documents both locally and over the network. Version 1.3 has recently been released and includes the following changes:

Version 1.3:

  • XML Nanny is now a multi-window application. Bookmarking is not yet implemented, so this eases the pain a bit as you can open separate XML Nanny windows for multiple sites and just reparse continually instead of constantly retyping addresses.
  • The URL combo box has been enhanced with text auto completion. The combo box searches your recent documents while you type and suggests a match. Also, the drop-down menu, when activated, will only show matches for your current semi-completed string. These items also ease the ‘no bookmarking blues’.
  • Turned on basic AppleScript support. That is not to say that XML Nanny is a ‘scriptable’ application. It really isn’t. But you can now perform the basic AppleScript functions like ‘activate’, ‘quit’, etc.

Version number 1.3
Operating systems macOS
Website XMLNanny
License type Freeware