Software update: Xfire 1.110

On Monday, version 1.110 of Xfire was released. This program is intended for game enthusiasts and allows you to chat via text and speech both inside and outside games. In addition, it is possible to take screenshots and record videos in a number of games. Furthermore, extensive statistics of the performance in various games are kept, you can see which games the people from your contact list are currently playing and game patches and demos can be downloaded via the own p2p network. In version 1.110 the AIM support has been further improved, there is a new toolbar especially for web games, a number of new games are supported and there are again the usual bug fixes. Below are the full release notes:

Release notes for 1,110

  • Many improvements and bug fixes for AIM users.
  • Added the AIM icon in the friends list when you have AIM friends.
  • Added support for the Russian language.
  • Fixed several performance issues during long-term voice chats.
  • Added the ability to create clans that have unlimited membership. Members do not show up on each others’ friend lists, but can use the forums, clan news, and event calendars. These clans do not count against the limit of 5 clans you can join.
  • Improved voice chat one-to-one behavior when both users hang up simultaneously.
  • New beta Xfire XO Toolbar for web games now available.
  • Future releases of the Xfire application will be available through the Xfire Beta Testing Team. Anyone who wants to beta test Xfire is invited to join.
  • New games supported:
    • After Death
    • bebees
    • Damnation
    • Damoria
    • Death Track: Resurrection
    • Desktop Tower Defense
    • dragonsky
    • Ether Saga Online
    • Gaia Online
    • Gladius II
    • helldorado
    • I Wanna Be the Guy
    • Legends of Zork
    • Mafia 1930
    • Neo Steam
    • Officers Ys Online
    • Prototype
    • Rappelz Epic6
    • The Pimps
    • The Sims 3
    • Tunnel Rats 1968
    • Twelve Sky 2
    • UP
    • Yosumin

Version number 1,110
Release status Alpha
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Xfire
File size 6.81MB
License type Freeware