Software Update: WizTree 4.01

WizTree is a program that can quickly analyze a hard drive to find files and folders that take up the most space. It is therefore a great tool to clean up the hard drive when there is a shortage of space. The program can also search for certain file types and export the result of a san. WizTree is free to use in private environments and can do its job without installing it first. Below is the changelog since version 3.41:

Changes in WizTree version 4.01:

  • Supporter codes purchased before version 4.00 was released have been automatically converted to “lifetime” licenses and will now work on all future releases of WizTree
  • Some drive types were not displaying total and free space (fixed)
  • Treemap context menu now displays various treemap configuration options (show treemap, show allocated space, show free space)
  • Polish translation updated
  • Turkish translation updated

Changes in WizTree version 4.00:

  • Multiple drives and folders may now be selected and scanned at once (use the “Select multiple” option in the drop down, or press Alt+F3 to select drives and folders)
  • When selecting multiple drives or folders, you can add custom folders to the list by clicking on the “add folder” button. These new user defined folders will also appear in the main drop down selection box for quick access.
  • The file search has been updated to work the way WizFile does. These new search filter options can also be used as filters when calling WizTree from the command line.

    Use operators “=”, “>”, “>=”, “<", "<=" to filter files based on size or modified date. NB: Don't put any spaces between operators and values!
    eg to find files less than 100 bytes in size:
    Append a ‘k’, ‘m’, ‘g’, or ‘t’ to the number to search in Kb, Mb, Gb, Tb
    eg to find files between 500MB and 1Gb:
    >=500m <=1g
    ‘kb’, ‘mb’, ‘gb’, ‘tb’ can also be used, eg:
    >=500mb <=1gb To filter by “allocated” size, use “a=”, “a>”, etc.
    eg To find files with allocated size between 100MB and 200MB:
    a>=100m a<=200m
    eg to find files with 0 allocated size and greater than zero file size:
    a=0 >0

    To filter by date, specify a date in the format: yyyy/mm/dd
    eg Filter files modified before 01/01/2020:
    <2020/01/01 Use the constant “today” to reference today’s date. Optionally add or subtract a number of days from this constant.
    eg to find files modified in the last 7 days:

    eg to find all files larger than 1gb that were modified in the last month (last 30 days):
    >=1gb >=today-30

    Place the search item in quotes to force a file name search.
    eg to find file names that contain “=0” instead of displaying files with zero size:

  • File search speed has been increased
  • Matching text will now be highlighted in the file search results
  • The wiztree web site has moved to from “” to “”
  • Licensing has changed. Commercial users will now purchase licenses based on their business size. These licenses will be valid for all versions of WizTree released within one year of purchase. For example, if a user purchases a license on July 1, 2021, it will work with all versions of WizTree that are released before July 1, 2022 (one year from July 1, 2021).

Version number 4.01
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Antibody Software
License type Freeware/Paid