Software Update: Winamp iPod Plugin 3.09

Last week, version 3.09 of the iPod plug-in for Winamp was released. Since version 5.2 Winamp has support for MP3 players on board. This general pmp support comes from the former developer of the iPod plugin for Winamp. However, since he started working for Winamp himself, others have taken on the development of the original iPod plug-in. This is especially interesting for iPod owners, because these more functionality then offers the general MP3 support, such as for smartlists and podcasts. During installation, Winamp’s baked-in MP3 support (pmp_ipod.dll), if any, is removed. More information can be found in this wiki are being found. Although the previous version is already fifteen months old, the changelog only shows a handful of bug fixes:

Changes in version 3.09:

  • Added hint for incompatibility with newer iPods
  • Hidden option deleteCDB (auto-remove iTunesCDB on new iPhones during sync if deleteCDB is set to 1)
  • New: hidden option in ipod ini file: usePodcastRatingHack (default 1)
  • Hidden option usePodcastRatingHack auto-set to 0 for nano 4G
  • Fixed: iPhone database is readable by iTunes 8 now
  • Fixed: sorting on iPhone, numbers come after letters now
  • Fixed: timeout when Winamp exits was too low for reliable iPhone update
  • Fixed: always update iPhone database when Winamp exits

Version number 3.09
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website SourceForge
File size 1.49MB
License type GPL