Software Update: Winamp 3 Alpha 4

Daniel304 reports that a new Alpha has been released from Winamp 3. After the rather buggy Alpha 2, Alpha 3 came fairly quickly, but there were still many points that needed improvement (especially the startup took a long time). Let’s hope Alpha 4 is another big step forward. You can Alpha 4 here to download. Below are some changes:

Nullsoft has released Winamp 3 Alpha 4 for you with love! A great valentine’s present indeed. This new build includes incredible speed optimizations, skin fixes, scaling (check out the rotor at 400x), bug fixes, and loads more. This is a very solid build, and there is really no reason now not to use it as your default player. I’ve been talking with the Nullsoft team for a good while now, and they are very dedicated to bringing you an awesome player, and they have certainly delivered.

Version number Alpha 4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website DeskMod