Software update: VirtualDub 1.9.5 build 32593

Saturday version 1.9.5 build 32593 of VirtualDub was released. This program is for recording and editing video. VirtualDub does not have an extensive editor, but is more intended to be used in combination with programs such as Adobe Premiere. Compared to the previous release, which added support for 3d acceleration, the number of changes is limited. The changelog of this stable version shows the following bug fixes:

Bug fixed

  • UI: Panes didn’t always auto-refresh immediately after choosing some menu items.
  • UI: Fixed output pane changing aspect ratio when window is minimized.
  • Fixed blank dialog system icon in cropping dialog.
  • Render: Importing an MP3 audio stream with a partial final audio frame could result in a silent error at the end of a save/export.
  • Capture: Added missing “No drivers found” item to audio menu if no capture device is connected at startup.
  • Filters: The filter system now initially tries converting NV12 to YV12 before trying YV24.
  • JobControl: Fixed repeated flushing of job file in non-distributed mode.
  • Fixed crash when creating animated GIF from 8-bit video.
  • Reversed order of UV planes for YV16 and YV24 formats to match YV12. (Note: This does not affect filters.)

Regressions fixed

  • Output panes don’t update during scene stepping again (broken in 1.9.4).
  • Input preview forces on the input pane again (broken in 1.9.1).

The following downloads are available:
VirtualDub 1.9.5 build 32593 (32bit)
VirtualDub 1.9.5 build 32593 (64bit)

Version number 1.9.5 build 32593
Release status Final
Website VirtualDub
File size 1.60MB
License type GPL