Software Update: Unraid 6.11

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Version 6.11 of Unraid OS has been released. With this operating system, a server can be set up for tasks such as network attached storage, application server and virtualization host. It is easy to set up and extremely flexible with regard to the hardware used and the size of the hard drives. Docker is used to add functionality and this apps are validated and maintained by an active community. There is a one-time purchase price that depends on the number of hard drives and SSDs used. Basic costs $59 and allows up to six devices, a plus license costs $89 for up to twelve devices and pro is unlimited for $129. The release notes for this release are listed below for you.

What’s New in Unraid OS 6.11.0 Stable?

The 6.11 stable release includes some minor feature improvements, bug fixes, an update of base packages, and an update to the 5.19.x Linux kernel. Samba has also been updated to version 4.17 and we’re seeing some significant performance increases.


  • With this release, there have been many base package updates including several CVE mitigations.
  • The Linux kernel update includes mitigation for Processor MMIO stale data vulnerabilities.
  • The plugin system has been refactored so that ‘plugin install’ can proceed in the background. This alleviates the issue where a user may think the installation has crashed and closes the window when actually it has not crashed.
  • Support has been added for specifying custom VNC ports in the VM manager form editor. Now, a custom port number specified using the XML editor will be preserved when switching to a forms-based editor.
  • Spin down for non-rotational devices now places those devices in standby mode if supported by the device. Similarly, spin up, or any I/O to the device will restore normal operation.
  • Display of NVMe device capabilities can now be obtained from SMART info.
  • Necessary kernel CONFIG options to support Sr-iov with Mellanox connectx4+ cards have been added.
  • The Dynamix SSD Trim plugin has been merged into the Unraid OS webGUI.
  • Preliminary support for cgroup2 has been added. Pass ‘unraidcgroup2’ on syslinux append line to activate.
  • Perl has been included in the base distro.
  • Many other web GUI improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in VM manager where VM log cannot open when VM name has an embedded ‘#’ character.
  • Fixed an issue where a scheduled parity check pause/resume function was broken.
  • Fixed issue installing registration keys.
  • Updated ‘samba’ to address security mitigations.
  • Fixed an issue switching from the ‘test’ branch to ‘next’.
  • Spin down devices that do not support standby mode now quit trying to do so.
  • Fixed AD join issue caused by an outdated cyras-sasl library
  • The mcelog daemon does not start now if the CPU is unsupported (most AMD processors).
  • Fixed nginx not recognizing SSL certificate renewal.
  • Wireguard now checks the reachability of the gateway (next-hop) before starting the WG tunnel.
  • Fixed bug in mover that prevented files from being moved from Unraid array to a cache pool (mode Prefer) if the share name contains a space.
  • More big fixes are in the changelog!

Version number 6.11
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Unraid
License type Paid
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