Software Update: UltraEdit 2022.1

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IDM Computer Solutions has released version 2022.1 of UltraEdit. This one multifunctional text editor can handle plain ascii text, but hexadecimal files and html files are no problem either. Furthermore, the program has features such as macros, vertical block selection, syntax highlighting, a built-in ftp client and spell checker in various languages. The program is primarily developed for Windows, but there are also versions for it Linux and Mac. The changelog for this release looks like this:

UltraEdit 2022.1 Changes

  • Interactive login for SFTP (2FA support)
    • Connect to servers that require two-factor authentication (2FA) or time-based one-time passwords (TOTP)
    • New “Interactive login” account option (Advanced tab)
    • Single persistent connection used for 2FA accounts to prevent multiple 2FA prompts
    • Connection stays alive during file editing to avoid further 2FA prompts
  • Chrome (Edgium) rendering for browser view / live preview
    • Upgrades HTML / Markdown preview to modern rendering engine
    • Requires WebView2 browser component from Microsoft (included in Win 11, available on Win 10)
    • Fallback to older browser control for legacy rendering on systems not supporting WebView2
  • Command palette expansions
    • Quick open any previously opened file
      • Type \ then begin typing part of file path or name to filter results; ex: \myFile.js
      • Select path and press Enter to open
      • Clear one or all paths from history
    • Quick open any file
      • Start typing file path and command palette will offer auto-completing matches
      • Select a matching folder to add it to the path
      • Select a matching file to open it
      • Supports letter drives, UNC, and relative paths
      • Wildcard support for opening multiple files at once; ex: C:\prj\class*.cpp
    • Go to shorthand
      • Type : then line number / column number to jump to location; ex: :300.25
      • Type :b2 to jump to second bookmark, or :bMyBook to jump to bookmark named “MyBook”
      • Type :p then page break number to jump to page break; ex: :p5
    • Templates now included in command palette
  • Syntax highlighting parser overhaul (Code highlighting data abstracted from editor, improving performance and resolving issues)
    • Syntax highlighting maintained when selecting
    • Support for block comments opened with same characters as line comments
    • Support for arbitrary string pairs (square brackets, backticks, etc.)
    • Added support for Perl quote-like string operators like qq(STRING)
    • Improved XML code highlighting with embedded CDATA sections
    • Addressed issues related to complex embedded code highlighting and longer wrapped lines
  • HTML Tidy overhaul
    • Updated HTML Tidy library to latest version
    • New HTML Tidy UI with dozens of additional options
    • New command and associated key mapping to run HTML Tidy
  • Output window improvements and additions
    • Add and remove any number of output windows
    • Rename output window tabs
    • Select and copy partial or whole lines in output window
  • Other notable user experience improvements
    • Ability to rename unsaved file tab
    • User tools automatically import embedded icon from external executable
    • Re-engineered user clipboards now support selections of >4 GB (exceeding Windows clipboard limitations)
    • “Add file to project” now uses regular File Open dialog
    • Reformat JSON now automatically applies code highlighting
    • Size column is now right-aligned in all FTP file lists
  • Other notable quality improvements
    • Addressed issue with child windows opening off screen when last positioned on disconnected monitor
    • Addressed issues parsing URL formats for right-click open
    • Addressed Reformat Paragraph issues with large selections of text
    • Addressed issue with “Save selection as” and GB of selected data
    • Addressed file lock issue when saving FTP file
    • Removed 160 byte limit on application title bar
    • Improved selection while in column mode
    • Addressed “Server signature does not match” issue with SFTP
    • Addressed issue with duplicated characters in SSH log
    • Added missing “To uppercase” command to key mapping
    • Added file path and name to non-DOS line terminator prompt
    • Addressed tool performance issue with “Show DOS box” enabled
    • Further theming improvements

Version number 2022.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website IDM Computer Solutions
File size


License type Paid
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