Software Update: Total Commander 10.52 RC1

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Version 10.52 of Total Commander is in development and the first release candidate has now been released. This program can be used as a replacement for Windows Explorer. Because the image is split in two, it is easy to copy files, but the program can do much more. For example, there are various ways to modify files, a built-in FTP client and a multi-rename tool are available, and there is support for a large number of compression formats. Furthermore, the functionality can be used with plugins be expanded. Version 10.52 is a so-called bug fix release that mainly fixes minor problems, but also adds some new features.


  • New option wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconsOnNetReadOnly=0 Set to 1 to show folder icons on network shares even for folders with read only attribute. Warning: very slow for shared CD/DVD drives!
  • Support F-keys up to VK_F24 when entered manually in wincmd.ini, section [Shortcuts]
  • Internal command CM_EXIT: Add 4 to save paths, tabs and display modes on exit even when it’s disabled in the configuration
  • Internal command CM_EXIT with parameters 1 or 2 (restart) now restores the current directory if it differs from the tab locked root
  • Internal command CM_EXIT now also supports parameter 2: Close and restart Total Commander but switch between 32-bit and 64-bit versions (if the other exists in the same directory)
  • Command line parameters now support value LOADLIST:path\listfile.txt instead of a directory name to load list file into file panel, like LISTFILE0 button bar command (no errors)
  • New button command LOADLIST0 loads list of files from provided list file like LOADLIST, does not show any errors if files aren’t found
  • Internal associations: New command **path\ opens the given button bar file as a menu. Use %P%N in the buttons to pass the file names to the commands
  • Quick search with search dialog and Ctrl+S Quick filter: New hotkey Ctrl+Z in addition to Ctrl+Y to clear the field, better to reach on QUERTY keyboards
  • cm_50percent now accepts a parameter: It adds the value (in percent) to the width of the active panel. Example: cm_50percent -10 reduces active panel width by 10% (use cm_100percent with parameter for absolute values)
  • wincmd.ini [Configuration] TabFullColor=0 choose whether tab header colors defined via view modes are displayed as a gradient (value=0) or a fixed blend percentage of 1 to 100%
  • Internal commands cm_*ActivateTab* (eg cm_SrcActivateTab1) now supports numerical parameter for tab. Negative numbers mean counting from the end, eg cm_SrcActivateTab1 -1 activates the last tab
  • Internal command CM_EXIT now supports parameter 1: Close and restart Total Commander with switch /N, also append switches /i= and /f= if they were passed to the previous instance
  • New hotkey F9 in “Compare by content” to toggle visibility of the two line compare box at the bottom
  • cm_UnloadPlugins: Parameter 16 (cm_UnloadPlugins 16) now unloads an external tcmatch dll set via tcmatch=/tcmatch64= in wincmd.ini
  • Command line parameters: option /O now supports a parameter: /O0: never open a new instance in any case, other number: same as OnlyOnce value, /O- same as /O-1
  • After searching for duplicate files and “feed to listbox”, allow to switch to any custom columns view and back without losing the special duplicate file view and separators


  • Save current selection when cm_rereadSource is called and there is at least one selected file
  • by content: When using two compare windows above each other, the 2 line compare list at the bottom could compare sometimes overlap the lower window (reproduced on Windows 8.1)
  • Out of memory error when trying to read tags from mp4 files >2GB with internal “tc” content plugin
  • Synchronize dirs, wildcards edit box between paths: A stored search didn’t work if the name contained one or more semicolons “;”, eg >Search;name
  • Quick search with search dialog and Ctrl+S Quick filter: Ctrl+Insert didn’t work (should copy selected search text to clipboard)
  • Wrong error shown when trying to add multiple files to a CAB file (“too many files” instead of “not supported”)
  • Dark mode: When using two separate trees, they didn’t have a left border
  • Dark mode: Single separate tree didn’t have a bottom border
  • Memory leak when reading tags (Artist, Title etc.) from .wav files with internal tc plugin
  • Double click on checksum file (.md5, .sha1 etc) now checks only that file, not the currently selected files (which will be unchecked)
  • Ctrl+A not working any more in quick search with search dialog
  • Only load colors by file type after the registration notification screen has been closed
  • Drive hints in Alt+F1/F2 and in the drive button bar didn’t support Unicode for network shares
  • Synchronize dirs: Detect invalid file list and abort synchronizing instead of crashing
  • Show more meaningful error when installer is called with invalid install file as parameter
  • Synchronize dirs: “Copy file properties” -> “Timestamp” now copies all file times when CopyAllTimes=1 is set
  • The main menu may not have icons in it when using certain options like a search filter in Show->Custom
  • LOADLIST command: Support double quotes around names in the list, eg when it contains spaces
  • Separate tree: The current item was always set to “My Computer” by mistake when the active file panel showed a virtual folder at startup
  • Double click on “Desktop” in tree didn’t expand/collapse the tree below it

Version number 10.52 RC1
Release status Beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11
Website Ghisler
File size


License type Shareware
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