Software Update: The Bat! 3.60

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Ritlabs has just released version 3.60 of its email client The Bat! Among other things, the program offers support for multiple POP3 or IMAP4 accounts, has a Bayesian spam filter and extensive search and filter options. The Bat! is available in flavors Home and Professional Edition, where students receive a discount on the purchase price. The difference between the two versions becomes op this page Out of the blankets. The changelog for this release shows the following changes:

Here is the full list of changes since version 3.51:

  • Zoom pictures in HTML viewer
  • Search in encrypted messages
  • Automatic hotkey assignment to menus, toolbars and popups
  • You can now edit SmartPad preferences
  • Complete integration of setting color groups on IMAP
  • Exchange: You can use existing profiles with Exchange Mail Server, just go to Account|Properties|Transport and select “Existing Profile” choice.
  • (#0004818) Configuration file TBUSER.DEF (TBUSER.EEF in OTFE) was not backed up by internal Maintenance Center
  • TBUSER.DEF didn’t migrate to TBUSER.EEF
  • There was a bug in replying to HTML messages
  • Writing user config (USERDEPT.INI) after reading this file at startup no longer performed.
  • The position of the cursor is wrong when changing between the editors.
  • (#0003889) Micro-Editor, selective shift/arrow button quoting from RTV, Smileys enabled, Smiley handles are not quoted.
  • (#0004919) Context menu for attachments not properly working
  • (#0004872) color selection dialog in table property cannot be translated
  • (#0004729) Popup menu in Scheduler (Edit Event Window – Tab Actions) can be applied on another grid
  • (#0004849) Window Scheduler – Edit Action – Refilter Action appears partially out of display
  • (#0004150) After pressing “menu” key context menu shows in the left top corner of area of ​​editing
  • (#0004851) Two Credits Overlap
  • (#0004959) About box glitches
  • (#0004955) Container item can’t be hidden by “Hidden item” and is not auto-hided, when all sub-items are hidden
  • (#0004954) Question “You have unsaved changes. Apply them now” appears even no changes were made
  • (#0004866) Dynamic items for Remind Later are not refreshed on language change
  • (#0005002) VF unread count increases by 1 every time it is manually refreshed
  • (#0003159) Menu navigator output is wrong
  • Fixed different memory leaks
  • IMAP : memory usage during message list request
  • VFs: unexpected AV if auto-refresh enabled
  • Automatic hotkey (shortcut) assigned only to chars of some alphabets only
  • The Bat! now uses PCRE 6.2 with Unicode support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions
  • When displaying certificate properties, ASN.1 Object Identifiers were incorrectly shown
  • There were an AV when verifying PGP signatures by PGP internal implementation
  • right alignment of name column in message header pane
  • Bugs with MAPIReadMail, AV errors on exit when Simple MAPI was used
  • Bug in processing SimpleMAPI requests causing slow functioning of the subsystem
  • some cosmetic fixes for SimpleMapi
  • (#0005005) Failure while changing folder name in OTFE
  • Other: account couldn’t be moved up/down
  • Other: Cursor Tabbing problem in Headers
  • Added more free space around progress characters in the view of window of backup progress.
  • (#0004781) “Check folder for viruses” did stop checking after the first error of an antivirus plugin.
  • (#0005034) Autohotkey feature make the chinese translation wrong
  • (#0003102) eMail received with charset=iso-2022-jp via MAPI (Exchange) or imported from Outlook have no text in the body
  • ampersands in the tool button hints
  • (#0005051) hotkeys not assigned to extended Latin chars
  • (#0005044) White space in Header Pane with ‘Sender Photo’ | ‘Fit Headers to Image’ selected
  • The Bat! didn’t move folders across tree levels in On-The-Fly encryption mode.
  • Infrequently-used tree items in the account properties are collapsed by default
  • Search: stuck on signed HTML messages with attachments
  • Updated ZLib to version 1.2.3
  • libpng updated to v1.2.8
  • Fixed a big memory leak on display of PNG images (attached to a message) as tabs.
  • (#0005062) Folder color groups were ignored while dragging and dropping on the tree
  • (#0005068) The Bat! was losing one character per line decoding MIME Base64 multiline header (coded incorrectly)
  • (#0004982) Wrong warning was displayed when adding new header field with no RFC name filled
  • US-ASCII charset is now equal to the current windows locale
  • Pronunciation of Folder fields


Version number 3.60
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Ritlabs
File size


License type Shareware
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