Software update: T-Leds for Windows v0.20 (Alpha)

On GoT I found T-Leds for Windows. This program, which is made by skunkah, shows your network activity by means of the scroll and numlock lights on your keyboard. The program can only be closed in one way: via task manager. So here is a possibility of instability of your system:

This is another neat program it is a program like T-Leds on linux that makes your Lock LEDS (caps,num,scroll-lock) blink based on your network traffic .. This program lets your num- and scroll-lock blink based on your network traffic.

btw this is an alpha version there is absolutely not guaranty this program will work and can be instable causing your system to be instable (I dunno if this can happend but just as a little disclaimer w00t).

There is also no-clean way closing the program down .. the only way is closing it using taskmanager.

Version number v0.20 (Alpha)
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website xCat Industries