Software Update: Strawberry Music Player 1.0.8

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Version 1.0.8 of Strawberry Music Player has been released. This media player is based on source code from Clementine, which in turn was based on Amarok version 1.4. Strawberry Music Player is not only developed for Linux, but also for Windows and macOS. The player is characterized by its ease of use, speed and many opportunities. The Windows version is available in two flavors. Functionally they are the same, but one is with Microsoft Visual C++ compiled, the other with MinGW. The changelog for since version 1.0.6 looks like this:

Strawberry 1.0.8

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed backslash being appended to filter text when switching playlist (#1005).
  • Fixed OSD notifications service registering taking too long to timeout when not available.
  • Fixed radio stream added twice when double-clicked (#1015).
  • Fixed translating undo and redo buttons (#1017).


  • Use ICU instead of iconv to transliterate characters for filenames.
  • Make separating albums by grouping tag optional in collection group by album.
  • Added support for video game music formats VGM and SPC.
  • Added setting for explicitly turning on HTTP/2 for streaming. Strawberry will set the libsoup SOUP_FORCE_HTTP1 environment variable when the HTTP/2 is not checked (#1016).
  • (Windows|MSVC) Install Visual C++ runtime redistributable automatically in installer.

Strawberry 1.0.7

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed checking file extension case-insensitive when loading and saving playlists.
  • Fixed reading and saving rating with TagParser.
  • (macOS/Windows) Fixed playlist column text alignment. Applied patch for Qt bug QTBUG-103576 (#999).
  • (Windows|MinGW) Fixed HLS streaming.
  • (Windows|MSVC) Fixed MP3 encoding.


  • Added option for selecting file extension when saving all playlists.

Version number 1.0.8
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Strawberry Music Player
License type Freeware
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