Software update: SmartFTP 6.0 build 2066

Smartsoft has released an update to version 6.0 of its ftp client SmartFTP. SmartFTP is a very extensive ftp client. It includes support for secure connections via tls and ssl, server-to-server communication via fxp, error checking via xcrc, and various nat and upnp environments. The program is available in the flavors Professional and Ultimate, in which the latter as extras a terminal emulator and has integration with KeePass Password Safe, offers LastPass, and has support for Amazon S3. Since version 6.0 build 2049, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 6.0 build 2066

  • Browser: Focus is no longer lost when browsing with the keyboard
  • Task Scheduler: Added automatic fix up if there is task named “SmartFTP” in the task scheduler’s root folder.

Changes in version 6.0 build 2064

  • Updated German translation Changes in version 6.0 build 2059
  • Text Editor: Corrected line height and antialiasing
  • Text Editor: Support for Direct2D 1.1 which brings high-quality rendering. To take advantage of Direct2D 1.1 on Windows 7 install the Platform Update
  • New Task Scheduler which supersedes the legacy scheduler
  • Internal: New file monitor
  • Disabled Identity server settings dialog. Feature scheduled for removal

Changes in version 6.0 build 2058

  • Text Editor: Switched from GDI to DirectWrite renderer

Changes in version 6.0 build 2053

  • Improved Office 2013 theme in high DPI mode (125% – 250%)
    • New glyphs for check marks, triangle, drop down arrow, overflow arrows, pin, close
    • Layout proportions are correctly adjusted
  • The Office 2013 theme is the recommended theme for high DPI mode
  • WebDAV: XmlLite is now used to parse the responses
  • Fix: Remote Browser: File operation wasn’t walking into sub folders during manual folder merge

Changes in version 6.0 build 2052

  • Windows 7: Added check for SP1 in setup
  • Windows 8: Office 2013 is now the default theme for new installations
  • Text Editor: Added support for Notepad++’s language and style files. KB: How to use Notepad++ config files
  • FTP: Added MVS path type to force the client to always send MVS path styles
  • S3: XmlLite is now used to parse the responses
  • Internal: Serializer for all config files uses XmlLite now
  • Internal: Replaced debug file logging with ETW provider
  • Cleanup: Removed import of legacy history files (history.dat)

The following downloads are available:
SmartFTP 6.0 build 2066 (32bit)
SmartFTP 6.0 build 2066 (64bit)

Version number 6.0 build 2066
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website SmartSoft
File sizes

18.66MB – 20.84MB

License type Shareware

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