Software Update: ShanaEncoder

ShanaEncoder is an open source video encoder for Windows. It can convert files to another format, but also rotate the image, add subtitles, adjust the sound or add a watermark, for example. The program is of South Korean origin and is actively being developed. It has enough options to satisfy experienced users but is simple enough to be used by beginners as well. Version has just been released and the changelog for that version looks like this:

ShanaEncoder changelog:

  • Modified to use the default HDR to SDR tone mapping option, which is an option that automatically tone maps original HDR images to SDR.
  • Modified all built-in presets to use the HDR to SDR tone mapping option
  • Fixed the issue where ShanaFFplay.exe process intermittently remained and ShanaEncoder hangs when exiting the screen during precise browsing
  • Fixed an issue that could not search for images with only an audio stream and no audio data when using Precise Search
  • Fixed the problem that version information and RSS information could not be retrieved by modifying Windows 7 to connect with TLS 1.2
  • Fixed an issue where the sharpness option was not available for images with an original bit depth of 10bit
  • Fixed AAC, AC3, MP2, MP3, OPUS, VORBIS audio codec delay handling issue
  • Fixed an issue where rotation metadata was not saved when a file without rotation metadata was randomly put in rotation metadata and the video codec was stream copied
  • Added Auto mode that automatically sets the original ratio (SAR) and output ratio (DAR) of the ratio change and modified to use it as the default
  • Select Auto mode and set to Original Ratio (SAR) when cropping is enabled, Set Output Ratio (DAR) if not using Image Cropping and Output Ratio (DAR), otherwise set to Original Ratio (SAR). Improving
  • Image size Auto horizontal (-1 value) and vertical auto (-1 value) added, and if the automatically calculated value is odd, 1 is added to make it an even number
  • Improved to output the rotation angle next to the image size in the input file information if the original file has rotation metadata
  • Improved to automatically rotate and process images if rotation metadata is present, even if the user does not select a rotation filter

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website ShanaEncoder
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License type Freeware