Software Update: SecureCRT 6.5.3

VanDyke Software released version 6.5.3 of SecureCRT on Tuesday. SecureCRT is, simply put, a extensive version of Putty. Slightly less simple, it is a client for remote control, file transfers and data tunneling using ssh. Ssh is a method of establishing a secure connection between two computers, in which both the data and part of the IP traffic is encrypted. New in version 6.2 is, among other things, the possibility to adjust the settings of several sessions at the same time. The logging functions have also been expanded and a public key or a smart card can now be used for authentication. In version 6.5.3, the following changes and improvements have also been made:


  • After changing the selected button bar in the drop-down list, focus is returned to the active session.

Bug fixes:

  • SecureCRT could become unresponsive when switching from an RDP session to a local session.
  • Fixed threading issues that could cause SecureCRT to crash.
  • SecureCRT could crash when it was in full screen mode and random data was received.
  • SecureCRT crashed if a logon script called Disconnect() followed by Connect().
  • With multiple SecureCRT windows open, toggling the chat window, button bar, etc. caused the terminal size to get smaller and could cause SecureCRT to crash.
  • SecureCRT could disconnect from a Cisco router if data was sent before the shell was ready.
  • SecureCRT could crash when attempting to connect to a session using a hostname that could not be resolved.
  • Enabling GB18030 Simplified Chinese character encoding caused the session to stop displaying output.
  • The performance of “Send ASCII” decreased significantly as the number of lines being sent increased and SecureCRT could appear to be hung.
  • Line-drawing characters were not displayed correctly with SCOANSI emulation.
  • Artifacts were sometimes left on the screen when ClearType was enabled.
  • If a non-qualified path was specified for the log file, SecureCRT failed to log and did not report an error.
  • If the Close button was pressed a second time for a session to a slow or unresponsive server, the connection was orphaned and would not close until SecureCRT exited.
  • If the button bar drop-down list was selected, typing the first letter of a button bar name caused the button bar height to increase.
  • If the session’s tab was clicked, focus was not placed in the terminal area of ​​the session.
  • The arrow keys could not be used to navigate context menus.
  • SSH1/SSH2: SecureCRT could crash if a session was disconnected during user authentication.
  • SSH1/SSH2: After changing a port in the port forwarding settings in the default session and applying it to all sessions, the setting was removed altogether.
  • SSH1/SSH2: If a session was connected more than once and the session’s port forward options were modified, the changes were not saved.

Version number 6.5.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website VanDyke Software
File sizes 10.10MB – 14.00MB
License type Shareware