Software Update: SciTE 5.2.0

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Version 5.2.0 of SciTE has been released. Scintilla Text Editor is an open source and cross platform text editor. It uses the open source Scintilla Text Editor library, which is from the same creators. This library is also used by other programs, including Notepad++. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux, and a commercial version for macOS can be found in Apple’s app store. In addition, there is a standalone executable that can be conveniently carried on a USB stick. Since version 5.1.4, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Release 5.2.0

  • Add multithreaded layout to significantly improve performance for very wide lines. Feature #1427
  • Made compatible with Qt 6.
  • Fix potential issue with length of buffer for string returning APIs in ScintillaEdit on Qt.
  • Fix inaccurate scroll bar when there are annotations and wrapping of inserted or deleted text changes number of screen lines. Feature #1422
  • Allow choice of object file directory with makefile by setting DIR_O. Bug #2306
  • On macOS allow Scintilla to run if built without cursor images. Feature #1425

Release 5.1.5

  • ScintillaEditPy, Python bindings for Qt using PySide, has been removed. Scintilla was never updated for PySide 2 which was released in 2018 and PySide 1 fell out of support making it difficult to use. Tests that use ScintillaEditPy were removed.
  • When calling SCI_GETTEXT, SCI_GETSELTEXT, and SCI_GETCURLINE with a NULL buffer argument to discover the length that should be allocated, do not include the terminating NUL in the returned value. The value returned is 1 less than previous versions of Scintilla. Applications should allocate a buffer 1 more than this to accommodate the NUL. The wParam (length) argument to SCI_GETTEXT and SCI_GETCURLINE also omits the NUL. This is more consistent with other APIs.
  • Fix assertion failure with autocompletion list when order is SC_ORDER_CUSTOM or SC_ORDER_PERFORMSORT and the list is empty. Bug #2294
  • On Win32 prevent potential memory leaks for Korean language input. Bug #2295
  • On Cocoa set active state correctly at creation. Bug #2299
  • On macOS 12, fix bug where margin would not draw when scrolled. Bug #2292
  • On Cocoa, fix crash when drag image empty. Bug #2300
  • On GTK using Wayland, display autocompletion with window on a secondary monitor. Bug #2296Bug #2261

Version number 5.2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website SciTE
License type GPL
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