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Software update: Rufus 3.2

Version 3.2 of Rufus has been released. Rufus is a Windows program that allows self-starting USB sticks can be made. Useful for example to install an operating system, which is faster from a usb stick than from a CD or DVD, to update the BIOS or to approach a system that does not want to start anymore. There are a large number of tools with which this can be done, but Rufus claims to be one of the fastest of its kind . Since version 3.0, the program has been given a slightly different look and support for Windows XP and Vista has been canceled. In version 3.2 the following improvements have been made:

Version 3.2 (2018.09.11)

  • Add RSA-2048 signature validation on the server
  • Add “Fast zeroing” cheat mode
  • Add support for XP / Server 2003 x64 ISOs
  • Improve ISO extraction performance by preallocating files
  • Improve bad blocks check algorithm
  • Fix progress not displayed for Sylinux or GRUB downloads
  • Fix unwanted application close when canceling an image scan
  • Fix an issue where FAT32 could still be selected for ISOs containing a> 4GB file

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