Software update: Roundcube Webmail 1.6.2

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Version 1.6.2 of Roundcube Webmail has been released. The main feature of this email web client written in PHP is that Ajax technology is used to display the user interface, which gives a modern and smooth impression. Roundcube Webmail has support for shared folders and namespaces, internationalized domain names and SMTP delivery status notifications, among other things. In addition, the user interface for IMAP folders has been adjusted to provide more space for extensions and plug-ins. The changelog for version 1.6.2 can be found below:

Changes in version 1.6.2:

  • Add Uyghur localization
  • Fix regression in OAuth request URI caused by use of REQUEST_URI instead of SCRIPT_NAME as a default (#8878)
  • Fix bug where false attachment reminder was displayed on HTML mail with inline images (#8885)
  • Fix bug where a non-ASCII character in app.js could cause error in javascript engine (#8894)
  • Fix JWT decoding with url safe base64 scheme (#8890)
  • Fix bug where .wav instead of .mp3 file was used for the new mail notification in Firefox (#8895)
  • Fix PHP8 warning (#8891)
  • Fix support for Windows-31J charset (#8869)
  • Fix so LDAP VLV option is disabled by default as documented (#8833)
  • Fix so an email address with name is supported as input to the managerial notify :from parameter (#8918)
  • Fix Help plugin menu (#8898)
  • Fix invalid onclick handler on the logo image when using non-array skin_logo setting (#8933)
  • Fix duplicate recipients in “To” and “Cc” on reply (#8912)
  • Fix bug where it wasn’t possible to scroll lists by clicking middle mouse button (#8942)
  • Fix bug where label text in a single-input dialog could be partially invisible in some locales (#8905)
  • Fix bug where LDAP (fulltext) search didn’t work without ‘search_fields’ in config (#8874)
  • Fix extra leading newlines in plain text converted from HTML (#8973)
  • Fix so recipients with a domain ending with .s are allowed (#8854)
  • Fix so vCard output does not contain non-standard/redundant TYPE=OTHER and TYPE=INTERNET (#8838)
  • Fix QR code images for contacts with non-ASCII characters (#9001)
  • Fix PHP8 warnings when using list_flags and list_cols properties by plugins (#8998)
  • Fix bug where subfolders could loose subscription on parent folder rename (#8892)
  • Fix connecting to LDAP using an URI with ldapi:// scheme (#8990)
  • Fix insecure shell command params handling in cmd_learn driver or markasjunk plugin (#9005)
  • Fix bug where some mail headers didn’t work in cmd_learn driver or markasjunk plugin (#9005)
  • Fix PHP fatal error when importing vcf file using PHP 8.2 (#9025)
  • Fix so output of log_date_format with microseconds contains time in server time zone, not UTC

Version number 1.6.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Script language
Website Roundcube Webmail
License type GPL
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